Free Giffgaff micro SIM

If you need a micro SIM to use giffgaff on your iPhone or iPad, you’ve come to the right place :) You can order a pre-cut micro SIM that comes with £5 bonus credit here. And don’t worry – it’s sent to you completely free. Alternatively, just click the banner below:

Free Giffgaff micro SIM

Just like our regular giffgaff SIMs, micro SIMs ordered through this page come with £5 free credit. All you have to do is activate it.

All our micro SIMs are professionally machine cut to ensure that they will definitely work. If you want to use yours in an iPhone, make sure you check out our detailed guide to giffgaffing your iPhone and, if you want to use it in an iPad, we have a great article about giffgaff‘s Gigabags, the perfect data solution for all tablets.

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  1. Atyanta Reando says:

    I ordered a SIM card over 2 weeks ago and it has still not arrived to my home address. Should I reorder it? And how long should it take to be delivered?

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