How to change network to giffgaff

Switching mobile to giffgaff is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Order and activate a SIM

Order your free giffgaff SIM card through us for £5 free credit:

Free Giffgaff SIM card

After you receive the SIM in the post (it should only take a few days), just go to the giffgaff website, click “Activate SIM” and follow the instructions. Once you’re done you’ll receive the bonus £5 credit absolutely free!

2. Keep your number

It’s free and easy to keep your mobile number when you change to giffgaff. You just need to contact your current network and ask for your your PAC code then book in a changeover date with giffgaff. If you’re having trouble getting your PAC, we have a page with full instructions on keeping your phone number.

3. Pop in your SIM and get giffgffing!

Now you’re almost finished. First, make sure your handset is unlocked (if it’s locked to O2 or Tesco Mobile then this step doesn’t matter). Then, back up any contacts or messages on your old SIM before replacing it with your new, activated giffgaff SIM. Once you turn your handset back on, you’ll be up and running on giffgaff :)

If you want more information, we also have guides to getting the most out of your Android phone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, iPhone or iPad on giffgaff as well as pages about goodybags and gigabags.

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