How to top-up

giffgaff offer several easy ways to top-up your mobile phone credit. You can top-up either online via the website at or with a top-up e-voucher.

Probably the easiest way to top-up is to just go to the giffgaff website and log-in to your My giffgaff account. Then once you click the top-up link you will be given the option to buy either a goodybag or top-up credit or both. You simply need to add what you want to your basket, click continue then confirm your payment details. giffgaff let you pay with a bunch of credit and debit cards securely over the internet.

Alternatively, you can buy an e-voucher to top-up your phone. These are available at 1000s of locations around the UK. Every shop with PayPoint, Payzone or Epay facilities has giffgaff vouchers as does every Post Office. They accept payment by card as well as cash. Once you’ve bought a top-up voucher there are two ways to redeem it: you can either log-in to the giffgaff website and type the code in on your My giffgaff page or you can dial 43430 from your phone and input the code there. Either way, the credit will be applied to your account instantly.

Can I top-up with a debit card?

Yes, giffgaff allow payment with debit cards as well as credit cards.

Can I top-up with cash?

Only if you buy an e-voucher from a PayPoint, Payzone or Epay store or from the Post Office.

What’s the minimum top-up?

The minimum amount you can top-up with credit is £10. However, if you just want to buy a single £5 goodybag, it’s also possible to do this.

Can I top-up another number?

Yes, if you head to, you can input the phone number of another giffgaff customer to top-up their account with extra credit instead.

Can I save my payment details?

If you log-in to your My giffgaff page online, there is the option to save your card details on giffgaff‘s secure server so you don’t have to re-enter them every time.

Can I top-up automatically?

Another option you’ve given on your My giffgaff page online is the ability yo set up the auto top-up feature. This will automatically top-up your account by a set amount every time your available credit falls below £3. This requires you to have previously saved your payment detail. As well as choosing the amount of credit to top-up by, you can choose the number of times to auto top-up to to a maximum of three times each month.

Can I buy credit with a top-up card?

Currently, giffgaff don’t issue top-up cards but there are plenty of other ways to get more credit.

Can I top-up with e-vouchers?

Yes, you can buy giffgaff e-vouchers at any PayPoint, Payzone or Epay store or from the Post Office. If they are unable to find the giffgaff option (it is there, promise!) an O2 voucher also works on giffgaff.

Can I top-up with PayPal?

Currently it’s not possible to top-up with PayPal.

Can I top-up at an ATM?

Unfortunately giffgaff have not yet been added as one of the top-up options on cash machines yet.

5 Responses on “How to top-up”

  1. Bill Aitch says:

    There is already so many different payment options on giffgaff, hopefully PayPal will NEVER be an option.

    I have had so much agro with PayPal over the past 5 years. They are not only greedy/expencive, but even worse are so confuse, I am extremely loathe to give such a foul organisation my bank details, etc.

  2. MICHAEL VOO says:

    I top up my griffgaff nos 07********* £ 10.00 by mistake throught Best mobile Network and the payment had gone through my credit card,money not credited to my phone.Can I have my refund please ? Thank you


  3. Toni Swash says:

    Hi tbmn,
    Is it possible to use the sms facility (using a mobile wifi device), to top your account, with a top up voucher?
    I know that other reputable networks, allow this method of payment.(Obviously, only once a registered online network account, has been verified)
    If you do, where can I find the right details, to do it. And if you don’t, do you think you may make this a near future option.

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