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giffgaff have easily the best rates in the UK for mobile internet. If you buy any of their goodybags costing £10 or more, you get unlimited mobile data included. And unlike other networks, it’s truly unlimited mobile internet with no hidden caps and no fair use terms in the small print. Just as much data as you want on your phone every month.

If you use mobile data less often or just don’t want to buy a goodybag, the PAYG rate is also great value at just 20p per day.

To be more specific, mobile data is charged at 20p/MB for the first 1MB each day. Then the charge is frozen at 20p until you reach 20MB. That sounds quite complicated so we made a simple graph to show you exactly what mobile internet will cost you without a goodybag:

giffgaff PAYG data pricing graph

So as long as you use less than 20MB, you will only pay 20p for each day you use mobile data.

But how does this compare to other networks’ PAYG data rates? It’s actually fantastic value.

Data pricing comparison graph

Looking at the graph above, it’s pretty clear which networks are good value for mobile data and which are not. Also, if you know how much data you use each day, you can work out how much you’d pay on each network. It should also be obvious from the graph that if you’re keeping under 20MB use each day, you’ll end up saving a ton on giffgaff compared to any of the major high-street mobile networks. And if you find you need more data than this, the unlimited internet deal with giffgaff goodybags is massively cheaper than anyone else.

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