What are gigabags?

Gigabags are special data-only goodybags designed for use in an iPad, tablet PC or with a mobile broadband dongle. They are also great if you want to tether your phone to another device.

Gigabags provide giffgaff‘s mobile broadband service and only include a data allowance – all calls and texts are charged at the standard PAYG rates. Basically, you buy a gigabag and for the next month you’ll get an inclusive allowance mobile data for use in any device.

If you use a lot of mobile internet, gigabags can turn out to offer great value for money. They are a very cheap way to get mobile broadband wherever you are with data costs starting at 0.4p/MB. Best of all, if you usage requirements change, you can switch to a different gigabag at the end of the month or even stop using a data gigabag completely and go back to the standard PAYG rates.

Unlike some mobile broadband contracts you can easily change your allowance whenever you want or opt out entirely without being liable for hefty cancellation fees. And it’s even cheaper than the alternatives too!

What gigabags are there?

£5 gigabag

There are three gigabags all offering only data but with different sized allowances. The first one is the £5 gigabag that includes 500MB data for one month.

£5 gigabag

For £5 a month get 500MB mobile internet which equates to up to:

500,000 emails
100 songs
1 hour of video
8 hours of radio

£7.50 gigabag

The £7.50 goodybag offers a massive 1GB of data for just £2.50 more.

£7.50 gigabag

For £7.50 a month get 1GB mobile internet which equates to up to:

1,000,000 emails
200 songs
2 hours of video
16 hours of radio

£12.50 gigabag

Or, if you’re a heavy internet user, opt for the best-value £12.50 gigabag that includes 3GB of data alloance.

£12.50 gigabag

For £12.50 a month get 3GB mobile internet which equates to up to:

3,000,000 emails
600 songs
6 hours of video
48 hours of radio

These are all the gigabags offered by giffgaff but if you don’t need to tether or use mobile internet in a tablet or dongle, you can get unlimited mobile internet for just £10/month using a regular phone goodybag.

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How long do gigabags last?

All gigabags last one calendar month.

When do gigabags start and finish?

All gigabags begin on the day you buy them and end a calendar month later. You don’t need to wait until the beginning of a month to buy one.

Does my unused allowance roll over?

No. At the end of the month, any unused allowance is lost so make sure you use it all up.

Can I buy more than one gigabags each month?

No – once you’ve used up all your gigabags allowance, you have to wait until the next month to buy another one.

Can I change gigabags?

It’s not currently possible to upgrade gigabags while it’s still running. You’ll have to wait for your current gigabags to run out before buying a new one.

Can I keep buying a gigabag each month?

Yes. And to make it even easier, if you log into My giffgaff you can queue up additional gigabags that will automatically activate and start once your current one

Do I get to keep the credit?

No. Buying a goodybag uses up credit. So for example, the £10 goodybag will cost you £10 in credit.

What’s the best value gigabags?

The £12.50 goodybag is incredible value as it includes 3GB of mobile internet. That works out to only about 0.4p/MB!

Do I need to use a gigabag for mobile internet?

You should only use gigabags in a dongle, tablet or tethered to a computer. If you just want mobile internet on your phone, you can get unlimited data for just £10 using a regular phone goodybag.

What happens if I exceed my data allowance?

If you’ve used up your gigabag’s mobile internet allowance before it expires, giffgaff will let you know and give you an additional 50MB buffer for free. Once you’ve used up ths 50MB free buffer, additional use will cost 2p/MB until your goodybag expires. When you no longer have an active goodybag, standard data rates will apply.

What devices can I connect?

gigabags let you use the internet from any 3G-enabled device, including an iPads or any other Tablet PC, laptops and mobile broadband dongles. You can also use gigabags to tether to other devices. Tethering will work with all smartphones except for iPhones.

Do I get calls and texts with a gigabag?

The gigabag itself only includes UK mobile data – calls and texts will have to be paid for separately at the usual PAYG rates.

Can I use a normal SIM in an iPad?

No, iPad’s only take micro SIMs. You’ll have to order a free pre-cut micro SIM instead to use in iPad. Just like our regular giffgaff SIMs, all micro SIMs ordered through this site come with £5 free credit.

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