What is giffgaff in a box?

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giffgaff in a box used to be a special experimental Labs products which delivered bulk amounts of SIMs to people all in one go. If you ordered giffgaff in a box, you would receive 50 bulk SIM card which you could then distribute and handouts to your friends and family to help spread the giffgaff brand. The aim is to make it easier for you to promote giffgaff and tell people about it especially if you’re offering SIMs to a large number of people.

It was really easy to order as you just have to simply enter your details into an order form or e-mail giffgaff to request it. However, in order to qualify you did have to have a history of recruitment and show that you have a good activation rate for the SIMs you’re going to hand out.

initially, as well as the 50 SIM cards, the boxes contained a giffgaff T-shirt, booklets which helps you promote giffgaff. It also came with some flyers to hand out as you can about the SIM.

Unfortunately, giffgaff have had problems with their warehouse recently and I’ve had to discontinue the box for the time being. This means it is not possible to order giffgaff in a box at all any more will stop however, if you do need to get large amounts of SIMs to help spread the word, you can go to your spread giffgaff page where you can order SIMs to hand out in bundles of three at a time.

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